References and Success Stories

“Ross Wilkinson at Net Core Technologies has done business with us for 8 years. In a time when it is difficult to trust a service provider Ross became our Outsourced Chief Technology Officer. We gained complete trust in his advice and abilities and he never let us down. I highly recommend Ross to anyone who is looking for expert advice combined with hands on ability.”
-Thomas E. Jackson, CIC, President -Max Program Managers, LLC

“General Agency Services relies on Ross Wilkinson and Net Core Technologies for support in our western state offices. Ross and Net Core Technologies have been a reliable, timely and cost effective way to help maintain our technology needs and growth throughout the years.”
-Jeff Grey, I.T. Director -General Agency Services

“Ross Wilkinson is very knowledgeable and well-rounded in his field. He displays excellent teamwork and is easily approachable. Both able and willing to help others in resolving issues.”
-Joe Zelez, Network Engineer – TelePacific Communications

“Net Core Technologies has been a great partner for Alpine Water Systems. We are opening offices nationally and have been concerned about keeping our IT infrastructure consistent and robust across all markets. Ross and his team have recommended and implemented great solutions for us that have given us the infrastructure we were looking for.”
-Andy Anderson, President – Alpine Water Systems

” Since 2004, Net Core Technologies has been my vendor of choice for all my IT needs. I can always rely on Ross Wilkinson to solve computer problems or provide technical support. Net Core Techologies offers fast, superior service, reasonable rates as well as a highly knowledgable staff.” -Katherine A. Patrick, President- Patrick Insurance, Inc.

“Working from home as a Medical Transcriptionist is how I’ve earned my living for many years. Having a computer system that is working at is optimal performance is not just a luxury for me, it is critical for earning my livelihood. Ross Wilkinson and Net Core Technologies have been helping me stay up to speed in this high-tech world for several years, and I refer them to all of my friends and colleagues. I appreciate the quality of your work, the honesty of your employees and the personalized help that I know I will always recieve. Thank you!!”
-Jo Meade, Las Vegas, NV

“Working with Ross has been an enlightening experience. Ross is a fountain of knowledge in computer networking. He has proven time and again to be exceedingly savvy in troubleshooting and repair of various network appliances, Mac OS, and Windows based platforms. I also find Ross to be very amiable, which is very hard to find in the Information Technology industry. I would gladly seek his advice for all of my computer and networking needs.”
-Ken Ronnow, Network Engineer- Clark County School District

“Ross has been a pleasure to work with. His professional conduct and his breadth of knowledge made working with him very easy. He brought a unique and valuable perspective to our engineering team and would certainly be a valuable asset to any organization.”
-Bryan Sidner, Network Engineer- TelePacific Communications

“Ross Wilkinson’s professionalism, communication skills, and network expertise would provide any organization an advantage with their information technology needs. I am privileged to have worked with Ross on many projects and his services have been above and beyond expectations.”
-Kathy Ujifusa, Office Manager- Summit Insurance Services

“I just moved my residence and it was early evening when I set my computer up only to be frustrated because I could not send or receive my e-mails. I contacted Net Core Technologies and was instructed to download a program from their homepage that allowed a technician to remotely solve my email problems. Within 20 minutes I opened my Outlook and my emails were being transferred to my in box. What a terrific concept that works!!! And paying for the on line service is just as easy. I’m a Net Core client for life!”
-Marlene Lombardi, Las Vegas, Nevada

“We have been in business since 1992 and for the first couple of years, we were complete displeased and frustrated with computer technicians who merely raved about their knowledge, charged ridiculous sums of money, and failed to achieve the goal of repairing or updating our computers. Once Ross Wilkinson came into our lives, our computers have become merely “systems” that needed occasional tune ups and service. Ross is extremely knowledgeable in is field and has always been responsible and reliable.
I would recommend him HIGHLY to everyone,,,,If you want the job done right…call ROSS.”
-Sandi Ramsey, Manager- JSF, INC.

“Here at Jim the Bugman Pest Control Inc., we want to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all your fine help in designing, installing, and maintaining our network from Day 1. We would not be where we are without you and your smoothly running system with no crashes, problems, or hack-ins!. This is soooooo good that we are able to concentrate on our business of killing bugs, while you take care of ours!! Thanks for being there for us (24/7/365) with your remarkable, remote monitoring service and your personable appeal!”
-Jim, President- Jim The Bugman Pest Control, Inc.

“Net Core Technologies helped our company recover from a very difficult network situation. Extremely professional, knowledgeable with a fast turn around time – what more can a company ask for ?”
-Lance St. Clair, Operations / IT Director – TOE Corporation

“As a new business owner I often feel overwhelmed with the increasing number of responsibilities and tasks that I have to balance, in order to successfully help my business grow. Gratefully, I have Ross Wilkinson and Net Core Technologies as my foundation and support team, to ensure that my computer needs are always taken care of. They have helped me customize and maintain my computer systems, and I am relieved that with all the fluctuating aspects of working for myself, my IT support is always a constant success. Thank you Net Core, for always keeping my needs a top priority, and for being a company with such integrity.”
-Vanessa Meade, LMT