Products and Services


Net Core helps to identify and mitigate your organization against security threats, both internally and externally. We can help your company stay protected by using a defense in-depth layered security approach to help you stay ahead of emerging threats. Our engineers have worked extensively in the areas of PCI and HIPAA compliance and can assist you in mitigating costly security risks.

Network Security

NCT specializes in industry leading firewall solutions that can keep your network well-defended from hackers and malicious network traffic from both inside your company and from the public internet. By using a defense-in-depth model we will take the guesswork out of your network security.
Viruses are a constant threat to any business. It’s estimated that almost half of US businesses have been attacked through the internet, and that being the case it is critical to make sure your business has a multilayered antivirus system in place to protect your data. Many companies don’t realize the cost associated in repairing damage from an infection.

Our experienced consultants can evaluate your business and provide you with the right solution to help prevent any unnecessary expenses due to inadequate spyware and virus protection. If you’ve already been infected our technicians specialize in spyware and virus removal and restore your systems to the nominal operating state.

Network Security Auditing

Our engineers can perform a network security analysis using the latest tools and utilities and implement the changes needed to secure your network environment.

Network Infrastructure

Network Design

Our engineers will consult with you to understand your current needs and future plans. We then perform a network evaluation and provide you with several options to optimize your current network or we can design and implement a new solution depending on your situation.
In addition to ensuring that your network is scalable and allows your business to operate as efficiently as possible we also make sure you have a business continuity plan in place to prevent unnecessary downtime. We take the burden of planning, design, implementation and support off your shoulders so you can focus on running your business.

Our areas of focus are: Network Security, Core & Edge Technologies, LAN/WAN Routing & Switching, Enterprise and Advanced IP Routing, Firewalls, Load Balancers, Wireless, and Layer 2/3 Security protocols.

Wireless Networking Setup

Is your wireless network setup securely? If not, other people can be accessing your network, your files, and the internet without your knowledge! Call us for an estimate to secure your existing wireless deployment or have us design a new wireless network for you!


Network Documentation

Our engineers can perform an analysis of your current network environment and create documentation based on their findings. Layer 2 and Layer 3 documentation is imperative for security planning, PCI, and HIPPA compliance and audits.



Cloud-based collaboration solutions allow your business to smoothly operate between all of your connected devices, allowing your staff to work in the new mobile office workspace, allowing flexibility and increased productivity. Products like Azure, or Office 365 can swiftly and easily migrate your existing technology deployments to the private, public, or hybrid-cloud workspace.


Email and Messaging Services

NCT provides Professional Services for e-mail and messaging servers for your business needs. We specialize in several email server and instant messaging server products, and can custom tailor the right solution to fit your needs.


Integrated Telecommunications Solutions

NCT specializes in several VoIP and PBX solutions that will allow your business to share your existing Internet connection with your phone system and your computers, reducing the need for additional costly phone circuits. Our engineers will work with your business to determine your office telephony needs and get your company up and running with an integrated solution.

Managed Services

Maintenance Service Contracts

Having a fully trained and staffed IT department can be an ongoing, costly business investment, and turn-over in the IT staff can cripple a company. Many companies are finding that outsourcing some or all of the IT functions of their business can lead to lower OPEX costs and higher ROI for their business. We offer monthly managed services contracts and can act as your company’s IT staff at an affordable rate. Please contact us for more information on how we can provide a premiere IT solution for your technology needs.

Remote Support Tools

Our remote IT support is designed with your convenience and budget in mind. Using our non-invasive support tools, we can directly connect to your network and fix your issue remotely without having to make any changes to your existing firewall or security settings. Many support issues can be resolved off-site so you don’t have to wait for a technician to arrive at your location, restoring business connectivity with the minimum amount of downtime. We drastically improve our response time and reduce your support cost by preventing unnecessary on-site visits. Our remote IT can be used as needed to either augment your existing IT support or we can become your virtual corporate IT help desk.

Remote Monitoring 

Our IT department can setup remote monitoring for your company IT resources, and we can either correct issues as they occur, or notify you in real time before a small event becomes a major one.